How to Make Meal Planning a Little Easier

Meal Planning: how to make it a little easier

Let’s talk about meal planning.

I know, I know. Meal planning can be a stressful subject for a lot of people. How do I know this? Well, I’ve seen people stressing about it on Facebook. Like, a lot.

“Someone tell me what to make for dinner.”

“Anyone have any healthy/gluten-free/low-carb/Whole30 recipe ideas??”

“Can someone please come plan my meals & grocery shop for me?”

Do any of those sound like you? I want to help you out. While personally I love meal planning, I know that not everyone does.

And here’s the thing–I don’t think we’re really looking for a revolutionary new system to solve all of our meal planning problems. (That could be fun though…) I think a lot of us just need some fresh ideas. Let’s take care of that.

Introducing… Savvy Meal Planning!

I just created a brand new Facebook group where we can help each other tackle some of our biggest meal planning woes.

Savvy Meal Planning: A Space For Weekly Meal Planning Inspiration

Savvy Meal Planning exists to provide inspiration to get out of your weekly meal planning rut, a place to talk about recipes we’re loving, and fresh ideas.

Here’s what you can expect from this group:

Daily Prompts: We’ll have questions to spark discussion about meal planning & recipe ideas.

Community: Sometimes the best way to get out of a rut is to share your thoughts and struggles with other people and brainstorm together!

Inspiration: I’ll be sharing recipes with you from the blog, and I’ll be looking forward to hearing about your favorite recipes as well. When you find a recipe you love, share it!

Does this sound like something that could help you out? I believe that one of the best ways to tackle problems is to tackle them in community. I’m a lifelong member of the “No, I Can Do It Myself” Club. And you know what? It just doesn’t always work well. When a problem comes up, I need to be surrounded by people who’ve had that very same problem before.

That’s precisely why I created this group! I want to provide a place where we can chat about things like recipes and grocery lists and kitchen hacks together.

Care to join us?

Hop on over to Savvy Meal Planning, and let’s help each other learn!

a new way to tackle meal planning

14 thoughts on “How to Make Meal Planning a Little Easier”

  1. I think your Facebook group is such a great idea! I could definitely use help with finding the motivation to meal plan. I think meal planning could be more simple and fun if I was motivated more to do it.

    1. Hey, Amber! I’m not sure I understand what you’re asking. This post isn’t about a meal or meal plan itself. It’s about a Facebook group where we discuss meal planning.

  2. This is such a cool twist on meal planning! Just tossing around ideas with a community and sharing tips could make things so much easier. I’m totally guilty of saying “what should we make tonight” way too often haha

    1. I’m decent at planning meals for the week at the very beginning, but if I start to run out of groceries unexpectedly around Friday, that’s when I’m completely clueless!

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