Simple Sushi (You can do this!)

I used to be really afraid to try making sushi at home.  There were so many things that could go wrong.  I could roll the sushi the wrong way and end up with a huge mess.  I could cut the sushi the wrong way and end up with a huge mess.  I could buy the wrong kind of fish and hospitalize myself and Oliver.  But I decided to get over my fear and just give it a try. Continue reading “Simple Sushi (You can do this!)”

Simple Pineapple Salsa

I think I’m starting to run into some of the real adventures of being a blogger.  The blog completely crashed the other night, and naturally I panicked.  Am I a real blogger now that I’ve experienced my first big technical difficulty??  Oliver got to work on solving the problem  Continue reading “Simple Pineapple Salsa”

Garlic Oregano Flatbread Pizza Crust

I was absent from the blog (and the kitchen) last week because I was working a children’s camp and, therefore, eating camp food.  My favorite food to eat at camp is biscuits with chocolate gravy, which is a staple I’d love to introduce into my everyday menu.  I’m holding off on experimenting with a recipe for now though because Continue reading “Garlic Oregano Flatbread Pizza Crust”