Cherry Almond Chicken Salad

I think I’ve been doing pretty well with embracing fall this year–drinking even more hot tea than usual, almost always working on a crochet project, living in sweaters, plus of course creating recent recipes like Apple Cider Kombucha and Pumpkin Overnight Oats… and then I got a craving for chicken salad, which I would most definitely consider a “summer food.” Continue reading “Cherry Almond Chicken Salad”

Whole Wheat Cinnamon Protein Waffles

I’ll admit that in the classic debate of waffles vs. pancakes, I’m Team French Toast all the way. But if you¬†really¬†want me to stick to the options mentioned, I’ll choose waffles. More specifically, I think I’ll choose these Whole Wheat Cinnamon Protein Waffles. Continue reading “Whole Wheat Cinnamon Protein Waffles”